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CoinPolicy: intro & readme

TL;DR: CoinPolicy wants to bring clarity to the crypto space. Crypto has huge issues regarding the quality of token supply data available, we'll fix that - and we want you to help.

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Long story:

As many of you might already know, getting reliable data in the crypto space is a major issue. Information asymmetry is the name of the game: know the "right" info & you will succeed; miss the "right" info & you will lose.

Two pillars of the crypto space are:
  1. Market Capitalization (Market Cap). It is calculated by using 2 variables: token supply & traded token weighted average exchange price.
  2. Monetary Policy whether inflationary, deflationary or else. It is calculated by using 1 variable: the change of circulating supply in a given timeframe.

Coin Policy was created to make sure we get the highest possible quality of data for the first "variable": token supply.

We are doing this in a more transparent manner than usual, always publishing on Reddit all the results of the research done for each coin.


Token supply issues reported by various projects:

Very interesting reads:

Some very opinionated articles, take them with a pinch of salt:
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